tsuzukubookshelf (tsuzukbookshelf) wrote in mangagirls,

I need your opinions!

Hi! I've been a member of this comm for awhile now and have posted about various sales before but I'm trying to weed out my comm list alittle so I'm asking for your opinion on whether or not this comm is useful or not. All you have to do is reply stating your opinion, even if its a simple "yes" or "no" answer. Any response would be great!!

So please answer one or all of these questions:

1. Do you watch this comm for new items to buy?
2. Are you on the lookout for anime and/or manga related items?
3. Do you trade with people from this comm at all?
4. Do you buy items from anyone on this comm?
5. Are you only irritated by seeing a sale post on this comm?

Anything you want to say is fine. I'm hoping to use your opinions to determine where I should stay and where I should go and this might even help other sellers to see everyone's responses. ^_^

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